Build With Us Through Giving

We are so thankful your heart for restoration is partnering with us as we renovate, launch and serve a new retreat center in North Carolina, called The Reserve. Just like Nehemiah, we can’t build without your support and partnership. Adam and Abbe will be working full time on renovation through the donations made to TheContinue reading “Build With Us Through Giving”

FAQ on The Nehemiah Project

You may have heard the big news that our family is transitioning into full time vocational ministry! Adam and I are very anxious to get going on this project, building what we believe to be our lives work at The Reserve, a retreat center launching in North Carolina. We will partner with the founders ofContinue reading “FAQ on The Nehemiah Project”

Connected: The impossible thread only God could pull together.

Just some nobodies, trying to tell everybody. If you are new here, let me introduce you to my family- Adam and I were high school sweethearts, we’ve been married for 20 years with 3 amazing teenagers. To be honest, I was dreading the teen years. Most don’t paint them in good light. But here weContinue reading “Connected: The impossible thread only God could pull together.”