Connected Concert 5-22-22

Words come easily for me in most instances. But what God did on the football field of Heights High School still hasn’t fully hit us. The words are coming, but until they fall into place, these photos from Taylor Hall are worth a thousand words. Gratitude overflows.

Revival is happening. You just have to let it begin in your heart. God is moving beyond our wildest dreams.

We are beyond thankful to Laurel Taylor, Heather Witworth, and the Tauntons for traveling to Kansas. Laurel, your gifts of worship broke loose the heavens. This woman is anointed, and we are forever thankful for her life and ministry.

Michael Church, thank you for your boldness and vulnerability in sharing with us.

Wade, Justin, Jaxon, Dakota, Jenna, Thank you for leading us in worship. Your time and gifts changed lives.

Taylor thank you for leading the sound and tech team. WE couldn’t do it without you.

Barry, the man with keys, thank you for being Isaiah 22:22 for this event. We needed a building engineer and we got a brother.

Young lives, Young Life, Kansas FCA, thank you for plugging in and connecting the body.

Jack, thank you for documenting the night with your gift of videography.

Ruth and Denise, Barry “Rolling smoke” thank you for feeding the crew. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.

Intercessors, prayer warriors near and far: HE HEARD YOUR PRAYERS.

Freedom Church, thank you for praying, investing, and supporting this vision. WE thank GOD for a church that equips and sends out.

Christa, our friend and coach, our cheerleader from afar, but close in spirit, your proclamation in 1999 was for us, and we didn’t even know it.

Maggie, Tiana, Miranda, Willie, Ken, thank you for joining Adam and I in testifying of healing on cardboard.

Flip, thank your for believing in ALL students. Hope is alive!

To the 55 Circuit Riders who showed up unexpectedly fresh off of THE SEND, you broke through and shifted the atmosphere with your passion.

To the parents, staff, teachers and ministers who came to stand the ground with us – your praise and prayers confirmed our call to keep believing for 21:5. It gave the light back to the dark ground.

To Gen Z- you are the hope and future of our country. Keep declaring war on the enemy with your praise and radical faith. May we never stop supporting and pouring into our youth!

Taylor Hall, these photos are our stones of remembrance, thank you.

Published by abbemichelle

Writer and artist, believer of all things being made new. Wife and Mother, founder of 21:5 Ministries, and Doll Design Co.

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