The Nehemiah Project

Have you longed for a break?

Imagine a time when your soul was weary and your body exhausted from a battle fought privately. Perhaps it was an unforeseen death, or a devastating diagnosis. Maybe you recall a betrayal or relationship strain that impacted your work, leaving you tired, burnt out, with faith barely hanging on. If you are like us, these moments have impacted your life and story. You may even be thinking of someone who is walking this out right now, praying for help. Now imagine a quiet, safe place you could go, or send them to. Imagine a place where woundedness was not offensive, even on the strongest of leaders, but was welcome. Imagine a place where your soul finds refreshing and your body rest. Imagine being called away, just as Jesus pulled the disciples away in the thick of their ministering, “to a quiet place, to rest awhile” Mark 6:31

Today, we are writing to you, because God has called us to create such a place. No matter who we are, whether you are leading a family of teenagers or a congregation of thousands, Jesus is calling us to rest. Today there are parents, pastors, leaders, who are praying for a pit stop, a place to refuel and revive God’s purposes in our life. Where do the watchmen of our homes, businesses, and churches go when they need off the clock? Today, our prayer is that with your partnership, we may provide an answer to these very prayers.

While discussing this with Pastors Shawn and Sonny Hennessy, our hearts were quickly knit together to create such a place. Restoration has been the heartbeat of our work over the years. The Hennessy’s have built several non-denominational restoration ministries, including The Exchange Collaborative. The Dolls have restored furniture and spaces vocationally, hosted intimate to large gatherings of prayer and worship. Our collective hearts for the weary, our unique professional experience, together will create an atmosphere of rest for those in need. The Exchange recently purchased a property, named The Reserve, located in Winston- Salem, NC, for this very purpose.

The Reserve: A Place For Rest and Healing

The Reserve is a well maintained, 20 acre estate boasting a main house, pool/pool house, multiple meeting buildings, trails, stocked pond and wooded area. To adapt several rooms for larger ministry gatherings, as well as cosmetic upgrades, quality renovation is needed. This is where Adam and Abbe’s 20 years of experience comes into play.

Our hearts have been burdened for the body of Christ, just as Nehemiah was for Jerusalem. As Nehemiah shared this desire to rebuild Jerusalem with the King, we are asking you to send us for the work at The Reserve. Together, we can build something desperately needed after this pandemic: REST and REVIVAL. Under the oversight of The Exchange Collaborative, we are launching The Nehemiah Project.

Preparing The Reserve through The Nehemiah Project

The Nehemiah Project connects your heart for those in need, with our time and skills to build. The Exchange will offer the Journey to Wholeness program, and restoration ministry, and pastoral support as well for those needing council in addition to refreshing.

Created for such a time as this..

Adam, Abbe, and Maggie will head to NC after Thanksgiving to find schools and begin estimating and preparing for renovations. The boys will join us after their finals in December. This move is the result of our desire to go all in, ready to work, as we hear daily the needs for retreat and restoration.

Construction is broken down into 3 phases, allowing The Exchange to bring in passive revenue as we work on renovation. The Dolls will also aid in managing events at the property, while renovations complete.

(even the kids are excited to mow, set up, and turn over rooms!)

Is God Calling You to Build With Us?

Do you need to give this year to a cause that truly multiplies through it’s partnership?

-Is your business looking for end-of-year in kind giving for tax purposes?

-Can you or your family give an upfront gift of $5000 to cover one month of our family’s expenses?

-Can you sow a one time or recurring monthly gift to support those we serve?

-Does your church have a need for a property to invest in it’s leaders or host retreats?

Giving to The Nehemiah Project through The Exchange Collaborative supports Adam and Abbe’s ministry at The Reserve. As a 501-c3 all gifts are tax-deductible charitable giving. The business model of The Reserve allows for revenue to come in all phases of renovation, eliminating the need for support in 2 years or less. Our 2 year funding goal is $150k.

If you would like to give via Check, please email or

If you would like to give via check, send to The Exchange Collaborative 317 Main Ave, De Pere, WI 54115 *please note Nehemiah on the check

Support through Sharing:

Please share this project with your friends, family, faith communities and leaders. We know one simple text or social media post can accelerate the goal of this ministry. Someone on your friend list may be praying for such an opportunity as this.

scan to donate to The Dolls via The Nehemiah Project

Thank YOU for all you have invested into our family and ministry over the years. We would not be at this place if it weren’t for your prayers, support of Doll Design Co, and love. – Adam & Abbe Doll

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