FAQ on The Nehemiah Project

You may have heard the big news that our family is transitioning into full time vocational ministry! Adam and I are very anxious to get going on this project, building what we believe to be our lives work at The Reserve, a retreat center launching in North Carolina. We will partner with the founders of The Exchange Collaborative, a non profit ministry supporting leaders and pastors. Restoration has always been a passion, and this opportunity will allow us to do both site renovations and love on those who are coming for soul refreshing. Read more about The Nehemiah Project HERE

Q: What will your roles be?

A: Adam and Abbe will be essentially doing “Doll Design Co” at the beginning of the project, renovating the spaces to become warm, welcoming, safe spaces for those visiting the retreat center. Flooring to paint, light construction and repurposing- our vocational skills will be sweat equity into the ministry of The Reserve.

We will transition into retreat hosts, as we serve the needs of those coming for restoration weekends or just sabbatical rest. We will also maintain the grounds. We are so excited that what we build we get to also maintain. Our son is already googling riding lawn mowers 🙂

Q: What is the best way to give to the project?

A: Online, set up one time or re-occurring gifts HERE

-If you would like to give via check, please email abbe@thenehemiahprojectNC.com

Q: Who is this affiliated with? Is it with a church or organization?

A: The Reserve will function under the leadership of The Exchange Collaborative- a non profit ministry founded by Pastors Shawn and Sonny Hennessy. In addition to their roles as pastors, Shawn is also the Green Bay Packers chaplain, co founders of The Journey to Wholeness program, and pod cast “Rise after the fall.” The Exchange Collaborative supports and cares for leaders and ministers in need of restoration. The Reserve is meeting a massive need post pandemic for leaders to have a time of refreshing.

The Reserve is a non-denominational gospel centered ministry. All in need of rest are welcome. We will be serving couples, families, leaders and ministries across the country. 

Q: What about your 21:5 Ministry?

A: Nothing changes there. Working at the Reserve will actually allow us to develop more resources and events for parents and couples. We look forward to some day hosting our own 21:5 Retreat at The Reserve.

Q: What does “missionary status” mean? Why do you need to fundraise?

A: The Reserve is a 501c3 non profit ministry. All gifts will allow Adam and Abbe to work on site full time. Giving also eliminates the need to work secular/ two jobs while renovating. As renovation completes your partnership will also enable us to minister to those who come to the Reserve. With fully funded support, we will also serve as facility managers (even the kids are excited to mow, set up, and turn over rooms!)

Q: When do you plan to move?

A: Adam, Abbe, and out daughter will head to NC after Thanksgiving to find schools and begin estimating and preparing for renovations. The boys will join us after their finals in December. This move is the result of our desire to go all in, ready to work, as we hear daily the needs for retreat and restoration.

Q: How much do you need to fundraise? 

A: $5k a month will cover our family’s living expenses.

Giving to The Nehemiah Project through The Exchange Collaborative supports Adam and Abbe’s ministry at The Reserve. As a 501-c3 all gifts are tax-deductible charitable giving.

The business model of The Reserve allows for revenue to come in all phases of renovation, eliminating the need for support in 2 years or less. Our 2 year funding goal is $150k.

Q: Who can partner with you?

A: Everyone. Just as Nehemiah needed fellow builders of every type to build the wall, every gift is vital to making this happen. We would love to share with you, your friends, your faith community, your businesses. Let’s build together. Text Abbe at 316-619-9938 if you would like to chat more.

-Corporations and Business needing to make in-kind donations for tax deductions

-Churches and missions funds looking to sew into places to send their leaders and pastors

-Individuals who believe in the power of rest and retreat ministry

-Gifts of any size. We know God blesses the generosity of those who give to the work of Jesus. Whether it’s $3 or $30,000, we value your partnership in the restoration ministry.

Q: Is my gift tax deductible?

A: Yes, all gifts given through The Exchange, a 501c-3 will be charitable donation. You will get a receipt of donation through one time or recurring gifts. If you choose to give directly to us for love gifts to help with moving expenses, we will be extremely grateful, but those will not be tax deductible.  Venmo- @abbedoll Cashapp $abbedoll5 paypal @abbedoll

Q: How do your kids feel about this move?

A: Let’s be honest, this big move is a sacrifice for all 5 of us. We have spent quite some time as family on our knees asking God to confirm this call. When all of our kids, including our senior in HS, have come to us individually sharing their excitement and peace about this, we sensed God’s timing was now. It will be extremely hard for us to say goodbye to Wichita, but we find much comfort in the fact that we will be home for the Holidays. We will be back very often to see our families and friends. Emotionally we will need LOTS of prayers as obey the call. Our oldest, Dakota, even shared his belief that if God has opened doors for Adam and I to do what we love, why wouldn’t he open the doors for he, Creyton, and Maggie to do what they love too? That is childlike faith, friends.

Q: Is The Reserve just for pastors?

A: No, as it’s primary goal will serve pastors and leaders, but we desire for families, couples, and groups to gather for retreat as well. Adam and I prayed for a place like this while we battled for our marriage. We believe this property will be the answer to families just like us in need.

We will be hosting on site weddings, retreats, and furnish finders as we renovate to bring in passive income as well.

Q. Why are you moving?

A. We believe this is our calling. Once God reveals your purpose, you can’t “Unsee” it. We know He is calling us, and using all our skills and passions for such a place as this. We’ve always felt like a unique puzzle piece. It’s taken 42 years to find the fit, and now it all clicks, so we trust him in the sending as well. We look forward to how God will multiply our community in NC.

To read more about The Nehemiah Project, click here.

To read our support letter, click here.

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